Gimme Summer​!​!

by Up n Adam

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The purpose of this EP was to capture a slice of the fun of Summer and release it for free, hopefully to make you smile whether you're on your way to the beach, laying outside in the sun, or settling down with the sunset. There is a magic in Summertime where the world is awake, glowing, brimming with life - and these songs are a tribute to that feeling.

You deserve to feel the sunlight. You deserve to smile. You deserve to revel in the carefree lightness of the Summer months. Really, you do.

So let's have some fun.


released June 21, 2017

Gimme Summer!! was recorded from April - June 2017 in my bedroom and The Shoe-dio (the hallway in my apartment where we keep the shoes...) in Grand Rapids, MI except for "The Ice Cream Song (live...)" which was obviously recorded in Holland, MI last year.


written, produced, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered by Adam Stutsman

all lyrics, ukulele, hand claps, and singing (good, bad, and virtually unlistenable) by Adam Stutsman

opening sample on "It's Summer!" from Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar and copyright Cartoon Network (please don't sue me - I love you so much!)

waves and beach crowd on "It's Summer!" courtesy of people having fun at the beach in Grand Haven, MI

the totally unstaged (but actually totally staged) "yeah!" on "The Ice Cream Song (live...)" by Chloë Malmquist

waves on "Melted Light" and "Sunset Sweetness" courtesy of a beach in Traverse City, MI

album artwork photograph taken by Chloë Malmquist
album artwork design by Chloë Malmquist & Adam Stutsman
(see more of her work here:

Up n Adam logo and Gimme Summer!! logo by Adam Stutsman


Thank you:
Maker of the Sun, Giver of the Light, Provider of the Warmth
Mom, Nick, Josh
Brittany, Phillip, Andrea, Riley, Tara, any & all of my friends who make life fun and beautiful. (if you're reading this and wondering "does that mean me?" - of course it does.)

every single person who listens and smiles.
yes, that means you.




all rights reserved


Up n Adam Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hi, I'm Adam!

I make happy, clappy ukulelectropop.

My new EP, Gimme Summer!!, is available now! For FREE!!


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Track Name: It's Summer!
Summer shows up like a cannonball into a pool,
We wear less when we dress,
We look hot when we try to stay cool,
We all smell like sunscreen and get sand all over our cars,
We say "hallo!" to aloe, compare our sunburnt parts,

There's an endless list of things to do,
I'm hungry, aren't you?
Let's grab a corndog or two, (or three or four or TEN?!)
We'll lay out our towels and dive straight into the waves,
It's time for sleepless nights and endless days,

It's Summer!
Let's go to the beach!
It's Summer!
We've got some friends to meet!
It's Summer!
Is anything as sweet as cotton candy, swimming too,
Dancing close with someone new,
Hanging out just me and you?
It's Summer!

Who's that new girl I saw out on the pier?
I'd better go talk to her before she disappears,
I said "hello, I'm Adam" but that's as far as I got,
You'd think I'd be better with words but I'm really not...


Come on, I'll teach you how to dance,
And then maybe we can hold hands,
And then watch the sunset in the sand,
But if you say no, I understand.
Track Name: Swirl (Ice Cream Song 2: The Reck-CONE-ing)
If you were an ice cream,
You'd be my favorite flavor,
And though you're not a dairy treat,
You've got a smile that I savor,

I don't want to scare you off,
So I'll just sprinkle on some charm,
You're sweeter than some candy syrup,
Yeah, I'm stuck to you like carm...el,

I wanna hold you when it's nice outside,
You cheer me up when I am sad,
I'll say things to make you melt,
But if you actually melted, well, that would be bad,

I hope I'm not on your last nerve,
But I know I'm awkward-prone,
See, you're hand-dipped and I'm soft serve,
I'm just a bowl and you're a waffle cone...

I know you're not actually ice cream, you're a person!

You've sent me into a whirl,
Oh, won't you be my girl?
You're fudge in a vanilla world,
And when we finally kiss,
And when we touch our lips,
It's like when two flavors mix,
It's a swirl! It's a swirl! It's a swirl!

So here's the scoop, I think you're cute,
You're an icy summer dream,
I know my milk puns are like 2%
But you're a dairy queen,

Let's ditch this rocky road, find someplace nice to sit,
Yeah we should make like a banana and spliiiiiiiit,


And I hope you still don't mind the mushy mush,
'Cause I told you it wouldn't stop...
Track Name: Silly Boy
I really want to sing you songs,
And make you smile all day long,
But all my words just come out wrong,
I'm just a silly boy.

I really want to hold your hand,
And make your heart feel oh so grand,
But darling don't you understand?
I'm just a silly boy.

I really want to kiss your cheek,
And tell you that you're so unique,
But around you I can barely speak,
I'm just a silly boy.

I really want to hold you tight,
And count the stars, they are so bright,
But they look dim beside your light,
I'm just a silly boy.

I really want to make you mine,
And lovelovelove you all the time,
But could you please give me a sign?
I'm just a silly boy.
Track Name: Melted Light
No matter how loud we shout "this is our night"
This summertime magic is finite,
No matter how hard we try to keep the sun in the sky,
It's gonna set,
The moment it hits the horizon,
It explodes, so you should keep your eyes on it and
Breathe in the whispers of color,
Savor the melted light...

The sun is down,
We're still outta town,
And the night air is warm,
We spent all day,
Sharing rays,
Now we sit back and smile and soak it all in,
Our skin is burnt,
And our legs hurt,
But none of us seem to mind,
We've had our fun,
And now it's done,
And the finale is smeared across the sky...

It's gone before you know it,
So come on, kid, don't blow it,
Savor the melted light,
These oranges, pinks, and reds
Aren't as good inside our heads,
So savor the melted light,
There's no use trying to stop it
Or use phone filters to top it,
Just savor the melted light,
We only have this moment,
And none of us can own it,
So savor the melted light...